5 Remarkable Reasons for Increasing Popularity of Mobile Apps

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At the present era who does not use mobile phones, right! And if you have a smart phone, it must be filled with plenty of apps that are used for different purposes. And if you use apps on a daily basis, you will understand that apps make life a little bit easier.

Now each and every business is trying to compete to stay ahead of the competition and no matter if you are a small business or a big one, an app enhances the opportunity for all businessowners to get higher traffic as well as better revenue margin. It helps with the steady growth of business.

There are few very important reasons why you need a Mobile App for your business too.

  • Improved User Experience: Audience always looks for easier ways to get things done. Apps offer exactly that and much more with easy call-to-action buttons, product displays, easy online payment options, contact us details and more.
  • Direct Communication: Apps help to maintain a direct communication between the business owner and the customers. As a businessowner, you can share important information through direct notifications like event, sale, product launches, mission, vision, values and so on.
  • Higher Viewability: As people use mobile devices at all times there is much higher chance to visit an app rather than visiting any website. With an app you get 40-60% higher viewability and CTR rate guaranteed and driving traffic to the website through an app is also easier.
  • Brand Presence: Through apps you can strengthen your brand presence all over the world and as the website loading time takes higher than an app, it helps people to get accustomed to the brand more conveniently. It reaches faster to more people and people get to become more involved in the brand more personally.
  • Higher Conversions: You get higher conversion rates through apps. As per recent studies conversion rate in apps are 50% higher than conversion rate in websites. Mobile apps are great tools for both top of the funnel and bottom of the funnel users.

The increasing popularity of the apps intently mark the fact that when you can make people’s life easier, they tend to get interested in those opportunities. These apps offer ease in booking tickets, scheduling appointments, making financial transactions, educating children, connecting with friends and family, getting information and so on.

There are so many benefits of creating a mobile app for a business that being a businessowner you have to think of making one for your business that can help you reach millions of global consumers with ease. If you are looking for growth, reaching your target audience is the only way and a mobile app is the best possible to for that.

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