What is Meta Description and Current State of Meta Descriptions?

Meta Description is an HTML element that helps to describe and summarizes the contents of the web pages.Meta Description is a piece of content displayed below each link in the search result.It plays a very important role in search engine result page.However, depending on user query meta description helps to pull the word from other areas on your page. Search Engine Optimization Company India,Online marketing service provider India everywhere Meta Description have big role in increasing user click-through from SERPs(Search Engine Result Page)no matter these sections are different but the role of Meta Description is same helps to get connected.

Google recently expanded the length of meta description i.e 50–300 characters.Another important notice for keeping Google happy is making sure that your meta descriptions are different on every page on your site.And a duplicate meta description on its own isn’t going to pool the search ranking for your sites a whole, nor will it get that individual post involved. After knowing all about meta description the question arises the current state of meta description-YES, It’s true that Google is still making changes on how to deliver meta description on SERP to help the user better understand content in a strong glance that provides the importance of meta description.Meta description not only helps to find the content but it also improves web page performance.Various companies like of Digital marketing service provider, Android Apps Development service all the having involvement of meta description as it is having a direct connection with SERP.

Here is few reason Google has meta description recommendation are:

  1. Meta description help Google to reach its main goal i.e supplying user with the information they are looking for.
  2. Meta description serves the function of advertising copy.
  3. It draws readers to website from SERP and thus easily visible and important part of search marketing.

So, we can conclude Meta description are going to continue to be important for the countable future of search.

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