Android Developer

Job Description

  • Lead the development of Android apps required for international clients.
  • Should have very good analytical ability to attack problems that are very unusual and extremely difficult, comfortable with ambiguity.
  • Should have knowledge of server-side technology to architect applications or data to build scalable, high-performing technology solutions.
  • Proficient in writing technical documentation used by the development team during programming stages.
  • Proficient with the languages, tools, and frameworks core to Android development, including Android Studio, Java, SQLite, Push Notification, React Native etc.
  • Should have experience in RESTful APIs.

Desired Candidate Profile

  • Must have sound analytical skills & a structured, methodical coding style.
  • Ability to adjust schedules to meet deadlines will be crucial.
  • Must be self-motivated and take responsibilities for his/her own deliverables.

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