4 Bad Things You Need To Ignore In E-commerce SEO!

Over the years, there is a number of suggestions for SEO rumored that can create confusion or find logically faulty. Also, the SEO businesses have developed numerous “best practice” presumptions that results better for further businesses. Unfortunately, it can be harmful while practicing it without concern for where that implementation is driven from.

As we all know, E-commerce SEO is a one-of-a-kind industry. Today, most of the buyers begin their purchasing experience by continuous search via a search engine using desktop or smart-phone. Hence, it shows that SEO plays a vital role for any E-commerce business that is in search of getting enhanced as they can’t change until unless they have received online traffic coming to their online path.

Here are the 4 bad things of advice about E-commerce SEO that can be used but can drastically give worse impact after implementing carelessly:

#1 – Be Active On Every Single Social Media Network:
It’s true that for making an online presence in front of your targeted crowd, social media is also an important part in online marketing. Many E-commerce SEO service company India and other global organizations serve a vast opportunity to reach your audience or to highlight your web brands.

Yet, there is a huge misconception that any business needs to act on each single social media network. Remember, it’s not necessary that every social networking sites are suitable for each business.

Track your online engagement and avoid to waste your time along with money on non-profitable social media sites and other platforms that don’t need for your web services.

#2 – Email Marketing Is “No More”:
Today most of the people have misconception for email marketing is that they are outdated and not fruitful for E-commerce SEO. But it’s wrong! Still, email marketing has the power to improve your business results through email campaigns for automation workflows and personalization.

As per recent research, it was confirmed that up to 60% of revenue increases due to targeted emails like inviting emails, follow-up emails, emails regarding offers and cart recovery emails and many more. It helps to engage your valued customers along with new visitors to your website.

#3 – Never Get Personalized:
If anyone suggests you this advice, then never follow it as it will outcome into a bad impact on your business. To be true, every customer loves to get personalization during their purchasing experience. Anyone love to grab special attention by the E-commerce SEO service providers, so don’t forget to appreciate your customers.

By personalization, you can recommend various products as per your customer’s previous shopping. In addition, you can generate highly-customized welcome emails to increase their engagement.

#4 – Don’t Waste Your Efforts On SEO:
As we all know, Google is a solitary search engine that performs at least 2.5 trillion searches every year. With SEO you can get traffic and web ranking that is really a most important factor to maintain your online presence on Google or any other search engine.

It’s essential to make your website mobile-friendly with improved website loading speed. It’s true, Getting your keywords on the first page is quite difficult. But, if any user didn’t find what they are looking for then the first 3 search pages get probably get more than 70% of the clicks.

In a nutshell, every day you will come to know about any rumor regarding online E-commerce SEO traffic techniques for more traffic. But, before obeying those rumors, firstly cross-check those things from your end through online research, so that you can be assured on that news. As we all know half knowledge is much harmful than no knowledge.

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