Social Media Marketing – A Beacon of Growth for Small Businesses

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Small businesses require smart marketing strategies as they generally have a very limited marketing budget. If you are a small business owner you understand that saving money wherever possible is a pretty genuine idea and crucial too in small businesses, most importantly at the beginning of the journey.

Social media marketing is not only cost-effective, it also helps small businesses reach their target audience quite efficiently and instantly. That is the reason why today almost 98% of small businesses are using social media platforms as their #1 marketing tool.

Platforms for Social Media Marketing:

There are many social media platforms these days to reach millions of potential customers and share information about sales and events, messages, launch products and services and so on. According to 2017 study:

  • Facebook Marketing: Monthly active users 2 billion.
  • Twitter Marketing: Monthly active users 300 million.
  • Instagram Marketing: Monthly active users 500 million.
  • WhatsApp Marketing: Monthly active users 1 billion.
  • WeChat Marketing: Monthly active users 800 million.
  • Snapchat Marketing: Monthly active users 200 million.
  • YouTube Marketing: Monthly active users 1.5 billion.

Different Tools of Social Media Marketing:

There are many different tools in social media that can help you marketize your brand, products and services.

  • Social Networking: Connecting with as many people as possible.
  • Networks for Media Sharing: Sharing photos, videos, infographics etc.
  • Bookmarking Networks: Creating, sharing and saving new contents.
  • Forums of Discussion: Sharing new ideas and news.
  • Networks for Consumer Reviews: Finding competitors & follow reviews.
  • Blogging Networks: Publishing contents online.
  • Social Shopping Networks: Networks for online shopping.
  • Sharing Economy Forums: Trading of goods and services.

Why You Need Social Medial Marketing for Your Small Businesses:

It’s quite easy to understand why any business needs to be on social media these days.

  • Target Audience: Whatever age group you serve, they will be available daily on any of these platforms. You just need to post daily to remind them that you exist.
  • Higher Reception Rate: In social media interesting contents become viral. The platforms have made the task quite easy and fun for both ends
  • Brand Recognition: Once you become viral, whole world will recognize your brand instantly.
  • Inbound Traffic: Increase traffic instantaneously through social media posts.
  • Cost-effective Platform: Most of social media marketing is free, and even if you pay for it, it doesn’t take a fortune.
  • Improve Rankings: Improve your SEO through social media marketing.
  • Evaluate Competition: All your competitors are in social media and you can asses your stand in the competition.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: Get more CTRs as viewability increases through SMM and you bet more conversions.
  • Brand Loyalty: Once people start knowing your business values, offerings, social responsibilities, charities they start connecting with your business, increasing brand loyalty.

Therefore, if you have still not prepared a strategy for social media marketing, you are bound to lose valuable customers.

People now want more than just products and services. They want to join causes and find meaning, values of a business. If you can help them understand what drives your business and what good it will do to the society through social media, voila! You have nailed it.

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