Why should we use mobile responsive for a website?

What is responsive web design? What is web design?  Every company needs a website to reach out to its customers.  Due to the time crunch, most people view the desired website on their Smartphone or tablet. Responsive web design helps companies to craft website which is easy to use regardless of the device.  A responsive website means the website layout or contents adapts to the screen size of an access device.

As described in Wikipedia “Responsive web design is an approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).” In lay man’s word a single website that adapts to the screen size of the device.

Another approach is Adaptive web design. In Adaptive web design, different layouts of websites are created to fit the different screen size of the devices. It means Adaptive web design uses several separate layouts for different screen size devices. So, for instance, three different website layouts for mobile, laptop, tablet. The website detects the device screen size and loads the appropriate format.

Comparison of Responsive and Adaptive web design:-

Responsive web designs are harder to make as Responsive design needs specific focus to organizations website CSS. It’s easy to make some distinct website layout for variant devices than one specific layout that adapts to different screen size. Though Adaptive web design is an easy approach it has limited flexibility. The adaptive design may not work for all screen size. Responsive design is more secured in comparison to Adaptive design. Loading of a faster website is one the key point for a user to remember. If your website is slow there is a possibility of losing visitors which means less traffic. Responsive is faster in loading as the design loads only a website layout which works across all platforms. In Adaptive design, all distinct website layout needs to load only then it will show the layout crafted for that specific screen size of the device. So, it can be concluded that in comparison Responsive design is faster than Adaptive design.

What is the Mobile Responsive Web Design?

Mobile Responsive Design (Definition) by Aweber “A mobile responsive design is when a website or email is displayed on a mobile device and it automatically adjusts its sizing, layout, and proportions to display in a legible manner on the device. The best way to look at it, for email, is that your message content is re-organized to be more optimized for mobile devices.

Users browsing through Smartphone don’t have a large screen space generally now a day’s phone most often zoom out naturally. So, the user can see the entire website which is good but will be difficult if the user is looking for an information which is in the upper corner of the website. So it would be wise to make your website mobile friendly.

Because mobile is a small screen space so a user looking in your website from mobile will be looking for some important information. And not cherish or admire your stylish layout of your website, similarly, a user who is browsing your website through desktop not looking for any key data rather he is looking thoroughly the style and pattern and keeping it for later reference.

In Mobile Responsive Design not only size but Content of the website is important. With Smaller screen size easy navigation is highly recommendable for the website. A mobile user would undeniably be looking for services or products information in your website and your fashionable and fancy format wouldn’t be of any assistance to the client rather it will frustrate him and he would certainly choose never to visit your website.

While originating substance for your website makes sure to include important elements to your site which is easy to operate. You feel like to be able to build a special client impression while keeping the uniqueness of your company website; it is very significant to maintain flexibility and simple navigation for your website.

In today’s world life has become fast pace. We are on the constant move, and if we need any information, we connect through mobile. Everybody in the age is on their mobile phone device. We need quicker and faster, and Value for correct information sometimes helps make it or break it. So your website needs to be mobile responsive web design which can present across the entire platform easily. With Mobile Responsive site your website loads faster and easier and your remove various form of your site.

Things to Remember:-

  • Client experience is the number one key point to remember. Whatever we are doing our main goal is make the user or our prospective clients experience wonderful with easy navigation, faster and smother impression. A site should be interactive and user-friendly.
  • The Mobile Responsive site should be based on screen size rather than latest gadgets or mobile. The main focus of design should how to develop and craft the content properly and user-friendly.
  •  A layout of the website should be such that the user or client should get a clear message or idea of your company. In case of mobile devices always less is more. Giving the client key information is most important criteria of your website.
  • Adaptable images are a sign of responsive web design. You have to understand how pictures will size on different platforms. Images in desktop against images in mobile phone screen.
  • There are lots of navigating style for a mobile screen as the screen size is small. There different style like hamburger, a simple drop-down selection, and expand/collapse system.
  • Hand movements are a significant part of a mobile responsive design. The user feels more comfortable with interactive user Interface. And using hand gestures like pinch zoom or sliding makes a design more collaborating to more people participating.
  • While designing for different devices the key point is to remember that layout needs to be adaptable so it works across all platforms.
  •  Keep three different browser widths – 600px, 600px-900px, and 900px+.

With this various factors keeping in mind, we should go mobile responsive technology for a website.

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