How to increase Alexa Rank Instantly in 2019

Increase Alexa Ranking

How can I improve my Alexa rank? Are there any quick tips or tricks to increase my website Alexa score? Is really Alexa Rank matters?

 Coming questions in your mind?

Well, if you are running a website, then its “authority” really matters! Alexa (owned by Amazon ) ranking is a global metric that helps in ranking your website as per its performance and online popularity. This global ranking method collects website traffic data to build a list of most leading websites on the internet and searched by users. But it’s very difficult to get web traffic to score a lower Alexa Rank.


How to Get Your Website Alexa Rank?

Do you know about your website Alexa Rank? If not, then I am here to share information through which you can easily know your website or blogging site Alexa ranking. Check your website Alexa ranking after installing Alexa Traffic Chrome Extension. You can also use SEOquake (helps to get SEO related data ) to know Alexa rank of any visited page by you.

How Alexa ranking gets calculated?

 Alexa rank is based on website traffic data provided by users in Alexa data store over a moving 3 months time frame. The website rank gets updated regularly as per daily traffic, unique page views and unique visitors.

Ways to Improve Website Alexa Ranking:

Here are some effective methods through which SEO service providers can increase your website traffic and Alexa ranking.

  •  Install Alexa Toolbar: Alexa toolbar will let you boost your Alexa Ranking because all users visits on your website will impact your ranking. This toolbar consists of a link source to, search engine entry box, pop blocker, and many useful options to explain current Alexa ranking.
  • Claim Your Website: Once you have claimed your website on Alexa dot com, then other visitors could be able to know about your website and services. This effort will you increase your website rating.
  •  Regular Blog Submission: If you write unique and informative content as per your own experiences, the users will get interacted and love to read your content and regularly visit your site. Also, Google gives priority to only those sites that have plagiarism free and meaningful content. This will help you in boosting your website bounce rate and online ranking on search engines.

     Orignal Content = Improve Search Engine Ranking = Boost Alexa Ranking

  • Use relevant or long-tail keywords for better results: Working with targeted keywords after proper keyword research can help in your website ranking on Alexa. To create high-quality content, you need to target the right keywords. Many SEO experts use free online tools (like Google keyword planner & Alexa’s Keywords Difficulty Tool) to find relevant keywords to fulfill your content requirements.
  • Commenting & Backlinking: The more quality backlinks you have on your website, the more your website ranking will increase! Along with, commenting on other content, forums, or replying on your content will build your page authority. SEO is a natural way to interact with the maximum audience to visit your website.
  • Social Media Engagement: Regular sharing of post on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & LinkedIn will help you gain more traffic to your site. Once your website traffic starts raising, automatically your website Alexa ranking will so improve. 


In 2019, increasing your website Alexa Ranking will make your website popular and conceivably more lucrative. There is no shortcut method to create linking among Alexa rank and SERP rank of your website. Right when your site is legitimately evident on SERP results, there will be more increase in activities to achieves better Alexa ranking. Improved Alexa ranking will make your website more prominent. More the site is standard, high the visitor movement, which achieves more help in Alexa ranking.


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