How to project SEO traffic levels ?

SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the foundation of the modern business. If you are an e-commerce seller or any corporate house, then you can’t grow your base of loyal customers if you’re stuck on page 6 in the search result as we all are well known about it. Whether big or small business or set-up, it’s crucial to put all the effort for SEO traffic as it raises your business, Without traffic, a website is like a Person standing alone in his stall in the vast trading market. Traffic gives you the opportunity to get connected with your customers online and make sales.

If you can’t connect with your customers in any way through PPC or any free traffic, logically speaking you can’t expect them to be aware of your business, offers in-short about your website. As any SEO knows, you can’t anticipate with any certainty what a change will do to your traffic, since there are numerous external factors you have no control over.

Now how to project SEO traffic levels?

There is not any fixed and proper method of knowing the SEO traffic level as it basically depends on many things but still in SEO service Company India, there are few points by which you can predict incoming traffic to your site.

  1. Base-lining
  2. Seasonality
  3. Annual trending
  4. Upcoming projects
  5. Search engine algorithm updates
  6. Mistakes
  7. Expect change


  1. Base-lining– The first step is to authorize your baseline(control) by establishing where your traffic is coming from and how much you’re getting from there. Be specific everyone is using the same data and is looking at it in the same manner.
  2. Seasonality: Next, you need to look at the brunt that seasonality has upon your traffic numbers. Look at how your traffic has contributed month over month over the last three to five years or any interval of duration; there should some be flexibility in seasonal trending from year to year.
  3. Annual Trending: Look at how traffic to your site has been increasing year to year over the last few years. If your typical growth is 5 percent year to year, that’s what you should most likely expect as a baseline growth. Now you have expected numbers based on both annual and seasonal trending looking at your past project.
  4. Upcoming Projects: Obviously, no one can predict the future same goes with SEO traffic, but if you have projects in the wings and some you want to implement, you should take them into account when anticipating traffic.
  5. Search engine algorithm updates: Search engines optimization company India change their algorithms continually in their continuing effort to improve search results. These changes may negatively impact your traffic so it’s better to follow webmaster guild-lines so it doesn’t impact your page display or ranking.
  6. Mistake: Mistakes happen to all of us, that’s understood. When something is missed in the quality assurance process, traffic has the potential to drop. This is another reason why productively monitoring all elements of a website is very important.
  7. Expect Changes: There will always be an element or touch of “it depends” when projecting SEO traffic levels, that’s a given. But building a standard and understanding historical traffic trends will give you a concept of what to expect and alert you when traffic levels fall.

Conclusion: SEO service company is by far the most important strategy in online or any business. It beset an entire set of assumption that makes your website more visible and attractive for Google searchers.

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